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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dateline May 2, 2007. Old Hollywood, the ghost of Lucy brushing by. Renmar Stage 4.

Has it been a month already?? Where did that month go? Monster Lighting very busy doing Commercials and Music Videos. We have been providing lights for Form productions doing a Wells Fargo commercial, Janusz Kaminski shooting a Blockbuster commercial and Michael Bernard doing a spot for Victoria's Secret. Our new Briese Lights played an important role for the Victoria's Secret shoot along with Monster Boxes and conventional lighting.

As mentioned, working at Renmar Studios on a Flyleaf music video being shot by DP Jim Hawkinson. Lots of flying paint. Should be fun.

High point of my day....seeing my old friend Mike Trim working here on the lot. He is the DP for the hit TV show, "Weeds".
We go way back and it was a stone cold gas to see him today. A great guy and a great DP.

If you're reading this you have already experienced the new Monster Lighting Web Site. Some great features and information. Sorry, no more videos of Kenny driving the truck!! Check out the Lighting Rentals page. You can download and print a pdf of the order form, fill it out and fax it in. OR, the new super stealth way, go to the online order button and fill out the various fields to order your lights online. When you submit, a copy is sent to you for your records as well as a copy sent to Monster Lighting so we can get busy in giving you the kind of service you have come to expect from the worlds best lighting company. Thats right...the best.

As my father in law says in his Italian accent, "Be careful, everyday is a good day when you wake up". See you on set.

Until then,