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Friday, August 24, 2007

DATELINE August 24th, an ocean container in earshot of the Bob Hope Airport.
WOW. Where did that summer go? I hope you were able to squeeze in some fun. It was tough cause it's been BUSY.
Let's start where I left off...

This years Cinegear show was a resounding success! Sure, it was great to show off our Monster Boxes and our newly aquired Briese lights direct from Germany, but beyond that, it's always so much fun to see faces from the past. We also met tons of DPs and Gaffers who were very excited by what we're doing. Here's a shot of some Cinegear participants gathering around the Monster Lighting booth.

Monster Lighting also seen around town doing commercials for Texas Instruments, NFL Films, ABC Promos, DSW, Dominoes Pizza and Victoria's Secret. Also an awesome video for Velvet Revolver "The Last Fight". Now it's pretty well known I'm a musical snob. I gotta tell ya, I thought this band rocked! The song was excellent and JHawk did a mind blowing job of capturing it on film. I was happy to be a part of it.

Take a look at these Monster Boxes hard ar work on a DSW Commercial. Great, powerfull light sources with a wonderful wrap quality.

Summer is coming to a close kids. We are thankful for being blessed with so many great experiences and wonderful people.

I hope your world is bright.
See you on set.