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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 The Year So Far

So far 09 has been pretty busy overall.  Despite the wind coming out of the sails in February we have been steadily plugging away and meeting new Gaffers and Directors of Photography.

Fastest Gaffer on a bicycle,  Jim Young.

One of my all time favorite people Adan Galindo.
Gracias Primo!

Director Tim Claffey directs talent during a recent shoot for the Midwest Center.
Tim heads up a team of film makers that we love to work with.

Director of Photography Jaymes Kniest on a recent Capitol One shoot.

Herr Allen.

Note to self.  Mimes are weird.

Two Monster boxes put together for a great 8'x8' toplight.
Easily supported by 2 Genie Lifts.
A great, fast and reliable source.

The same rig from underneath.

Jerry Rice and Warren Sapp swap war stories during a recent
Superbowl spot.

Monster Boxes make great key lights for green screen shoots.

Bodie Hyman displays his Monster shirt and his human aura at the same time.

Producer Lance Anderson and Production Manager Joel Todaro  on a recent
Victoria Secrets shoot.

Key Grip Perry Karidis contemplates the ins and outs of cage living while
on a recent Victoria's Secret shoot.

We thank everyone for your support and wish continued success to all.

See you on set.