Monster Lighting is pleased to offer a complete line of Briese Lights for rent. These umbrella style lights are direct from the Briese manufacturing plant in Germany and are fast becoming very popular in the film lighting industry. Monster Lighting is one of only a handful of vendors endorsed by Briese Lighting Germany.

Based on a strobe umbrella one would find on a still shoot, these lights come ready to work in tungsten or HMI mode. The mechanics of the light are simple. The umbrella acts as a parabolic reflector. Inside the umbrella, and centered, is a tube that holds a globe on the end. As this tube is pushed in and out of the center of the umbrella the light floods and spots. The nature of this bounced light is soft and focusable. A focusable softlight! What a concept! There are also diffusers of varying thicknesses which can be placed on the face of the light for more softness. Also provided are two eggcrates, 30 and 50 degrees, to make the light even more directional.

Briese lights are an excellent source for beauty work. They provide gorgeous softness with a natural falloff and have been used on many high profile commercials and music videos.

Monster Lighting is pleased to show these lights to any interested Directors of Photography and Set Lighting Technicians to demonstrate how they work. Contact us to schedule a free demo.