Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Monster Box?

The Monster Box is a 4’x8’x15” soft box. It has 8 banks of lights across the back with 4 lights on each bank for a total of 32 500w sources. Typically the source is pushed through 2 layers of heavy frost separated by one inch for extreme softness. The Monster Box is a 16,000 watt supersoft source of light.

What kind of power is needed for the Monster Box?

The Monster Box is powered by single phase power. The 25’ head feeder for the Monster Box is equipped with mini cam connectors that attach to the light and regular cam connectors on the other end. The Monster Box also comes with a camlock to double 100a male bates adapter. This adapter enables the lighting technician to plug it directly into a distro box or a dimmer pack. The 32 globes on a Monster Box are wired in a checkerboard configuration so one half the sources can be dimmed and the box stays evenly lit across the face of the light.

What are some of the benefits of using the Monster Box?

The Monster Box is a wonderful soft source of light that shows up to set ready to work. There is no time consuming construction of the light. The Monster Box shows up to set, gets powered up and is ready to light.

The 4’x8’ size of the source is excellent for is appealing luminosity and its ability to “wrap” around a subject. The Monster Box is a fantastic beauty light and has been used on many high end fashion shoots. (see pictures)

Typically a Monster Box is mounted on a goal post rig and flown directly over the top of camera. It can then be moved slightly to the right or left it more modeling is desired.

In the past, this type of light source was created by the combination of many different elements. Grips would have to make 4’x8’ frames of wood or speedrail. This frame would then have to be diffused and made able to be mounted in stands. Electricians would have to push 3 or 4 sources through the 4’x8’ frame as well as the stands and power cables to support the lights. The entire rig would then have to be surrounded by flags to contain the source. Obviously this is a time consuming and antiquated way to obtain this type of soft source. To move this type of lighting configuration would be struggle to say the least. The Monster Box eliminates all these problems. It comes fully contained and ready to work and is extremely easy to move. Directors of Photography love how the source can be moved while on and they can actually see the light changing on the set and find the perfect position for the Monster Box.

How is the light coming out of a Monster Box Controlled?

The Monster Box can be patched into a dimmer pack(CD-80 6x12k) and controlled remotely by a dimmer board. There is a separate switch for each of the 32 lights contained in the Monster Box.

The Monster Box is equipped with a 4’x8’x1” diffusion and color frame. The light is shipped with a layer of 129 heavy frost on either side of the diffusion frame separated by one inch. This gap of one inch allows the light to diffused twice and become super soft. The frame is easily removable and set technicians can apply gel combinations to the back as needed.

The Monster Box is also equipped with a 4x8 eggcrate frame which lays over the diffusion frame. This eggcrate frame houses two 4x4 soft eggcrates, custom made by Lighttools. The eggcrates are an excellent way of controlling the soft light that the Monster Box provides. The eggcrates are affixed to the eggcrate frame by Velcro and easily installed.

What are some of the different configurations that can be used when using the Monster Box?

The Monster Box has been designed to be used in a variety of different ways depending on the nature of the project.

The Monster Box comes with an 8’ wide bail with a junior pin. In this configuration is can be put on a variety of stands such as Turtles, Low Crankovators and Crankovators.

A great feature of the Monster Box is it’s ability to go right on the floor if needed. The bottom and sides of the Monster Box are equipped with high impact plastic runners. To put it on the deck on the 8’ side technicians lift it out of whatever stand it is in, angle the bail to the top of the light and set it on its belly. The Monster Box bail is easily removable enabling lighting technicians to set it on its short side right on the deck. Typically the vertical mode is called refrigerator mode and the horizontal mode is termed the freezer mode.

The Monster Box can also be hung in two different ways. It can be hung straight off the bail with a couple of tag lines to keep it in place. The Monster Box can also be hung by removing the bail and utilizing two pieces of aluminum channel stock which can be provided at no charge. This channel stock is mounted at the bail point and there are tie on points at either end of the stock. (see pictures)