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Monday, April 2, 2007

Dateline April 2, 2007: Monster Lighting H.Q. somewhere on the Eastern shores of the Bob Hope Airport.

There’s new lighting gear here at Monster Lighting. The biggest addition to out lighting inventory is the recent addition of Briese Lights. These popular new lights are available for rent now. We feature the sizes, 180, 140, and 77. They can run either 2k tungsten or 2.5k hmi. We have made our Briese lights extremely user friendly and know you will enjoy the fantastic light that these units put out.

Also new in our inventory is a complete line of grip gear. We can now offer productions one stop shopping for grip and lighting gear. Our grip gear is top of the line and features rags stands and flags from American Grip.

Monster Lighting’s very own Monster Box continues to amaze clients on every level of film and video productions. Recently Monster Boxes could be seen working on stage at Disney Studios for the filming of "Carpoolers", a new pilot for Touchstone. The boxes were rigged by rigging gaffer Ken Allen and provided beautiful top light and soft wrap for the cast.

We have also recently provided lighting gear for Tool Productions on a Sony Playstation commercial. This was directed by Sam Cadman and shot by Mark Plummer.

Monster long sleeve "Mexican Wrestler" t-shirts seen all over Hollywood in every level of film production. Often heard on sets where Monster Lighting is working, "Dude, I dig your shirt. Can you hook me up?"

Until then. Later,