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Sunday, January 27, 2008

DATELINE January 25th 2008 a rain soaked exterior, a warm Monster truck interior.
January is almost over?? Whew! Hope everyone is ready for a great year. We are!

The end of 2007 saw Monster Lighting doing a variety of things. Commercials for Wallmart, Coke, Burger King, "Dirt" promos, "Night Rider" promos, Verizon, Subway and Victoria's Secret. We also provided gear for the pilot "Life in The Food Chain", written and directed by Eric Moe.

Starting the year out Monster trucks have been seen all over town doing spots for Bud Light, True Credit, Lexus and State Farm.
We also provided gear for a rock n roll documentary featuring Jimmy Page and the Edge.

Director Tim Claffey on left directs talent on
a recent  "True Credit" spot.
(check out the Monster Lighting hoodie sweatshirt!)

"Night Rider" TV promo.  Shot by Chuck Ozeas.
Notice the Monster Box on the right.

We are especially excited about expanding into Grip rentals this year.  We now feature a full service grip department and have had our Grip trucks out on many commercials.  As with the rest of our inventory, we pride ourselves on the quality of our gear.  One stop shopping for both grip and electric makes it easy for production as well. 

Look for some big changes in our website in the coming months!  We are in the process of linking all our items for rent to pictures.  This is a great feature for being sure what you are ordering and for showing clients what you are proposing to use.  We just finished shooting our entire inventory on location a stones throw from the Bob Hope airport.  

Monster trucks are fun to lean on!
We feature extra long lift gates for easy
loading and unloading.

We are happy to continue renting our Briese Lights and Monster Boxes.  Every week more and more people are coming to depend on these lights for their various film projects.

We wish all good luck and good fortune in the coming year.  
Thanks to everyone for your continued support.
See you on set.